L’homme démêlé

And Also The Trees, The Untangled Man (S.H. Jones / S.H. Jones – J. Jones – S. Burrows – P. Hill), album Further From The Truth (2003)

 » Take a breath / Take a stride / Might bring you happiness / Might bring you wine

Small bird singing in a great tree / A man with boots on walks by me / Take a walk on the black beach / Feel the sand fine / Watch the sun rising / Watch it behind your hand

But show me the untangled man / Show me where he is / If you can

In the face of a child / A place of wilderness / And summertime / A slow love waxing in a girl’s eye / An old man staring through the night / Saw the fire of devotion / The faith of the blind / Watched the world turning / Weaving a rope of sand / But show me the untangled man / Tell me where he is / If you can  »

Bonus :

version acoustique live (Nancy, 2009)

version live (électrique) (Bruxelles, 2012)

tournée française avril-mai (voir ici)