41ºN 93ºW (Map Ref.)

On y était arrivé par là — cover, (MBV — My Bloody Valentine) :

: « Map Ref. 41° N 93°W »

Et on était rentrés dans le territoire de — Wire (1979, album 154) :

« An unseen ruler defines with geometry, An unrulable expanse of geography, An aerial photographer over-exposed To the cartologist’s 2D images knows. The areas where the water flowed, So petrified, the landscape grows. Straining eyes try to understand The works, incessantly in hand, – The carving and paring of the land, The quarter square, the graph divides ; Beneath the rule a country hides
[Chorus] Interrupting my train of thought Lines of longitude and latitude Define and refine my altitude
The curtain’s undrawn, Harness fitted, no escape ; Common and peaceful, duck, flat, lowland, Landscape, canal, canard, water coloured
Crystal palaces for floral kings, A well-known waving span of wings Witness the sinking of the sun, A deep breath of submission has begun.

Interrupting my train of thought Lines of longitude and latitude Define and refine my altitude. »

Et dire que c’est ça/là… :


Interrupting my train of thought, lines….


« Fuck off – get free » (Thee Silver Mt Zion)

 » ([child :] & we make a lot of noise … because we love each other.)

We’re stifled and entitled while they play at boring games / (…) Panicked born on troubl’d shores / Our cities groan beneath the rain / But there’s fire in our dreams / (…) Our proud town’s overboard / Fuck off – get free we pour light on everything we see and then we…  »

Retour en force des canadiens de Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra, avec un nouvel album plus direct, plus urgent, plus « rock » mais aussi plus divers : Fuck off get free we pour light on  everything.



Full album :

Fuck Off Get Free (for the Island of Montreal) (10’22) – Austerity Blues (14’18) – Take Away These Early Grave Blues (6’47) – Little Ones Run (2’30) – What We Loved Was Not Enough (11’23) – Rains Thru The Roof At Thee Grande Ballroom (for Capital Steez) (3’58)